If you can picture your favorite oversized t-shirt, you’re well on your way to knowing what a sport fit is going to look like on you. Loose-fitting and relaxed, a jersey  is targeted for easy rides around town in a style that’s going to give you more than enough room to move around.


If you’re more comfortable in a slightly more tailored look, then the Pro fit is probably the fit you’re looking for. More fitted to the body than the Sport fit, the Pro fit is going to begin to give you some of the performance features of a higher-end jersey, but it’s still going to offer some room to breath.

About 85% of all of the cycling jerseys we carry are going to fall into this category. You can look for our size charts to see what you're dealing with, and it's very important to take your measurements and reference specific sizing charts.


If you’re considering a jersey with a Race Fit, you’re shopping for some serious cycling gear. Jerseys with this cut are very form fitting in order to offer you the benefit of aerodynamic riding. They are the tightest of the three cuts available, and therefore most people who buy this cut wind up buying sometimes even several sizes larger than they would in a different cut.

So check out our site and look for the specific listing size charts so you’ll know which size will be right for you. If the jersey you’re eyeing is a Pro cut, you may need to order a size up from what the size chart tells you. If it’s a Race cut, maybe even a few sizes up is what you’ll need and decision will be dependent on comparison of listing size chart and your body measurement.