Whether you’ve recently taken up road cycling for the very first time or returning to cycling after a break, we have some helpful tips on what to look for when buying a new cycling jersey.
You’re probably used to wearing loose fitting t-shirts when riding, but there are real advantages to the body-hugging fit and lightweight lycra of a cycling jersey - the first being it’ll help you ride faster. You should expect a snug fit when choosing a jersey, but it shouldn’t stop you moving freely. 
The next question is whether to go with long or short sleeves. This really depends on the conditions you’re riding in, with short sleeves naturally lending themselves to warm weather. You can change up for a long sleeve design during the cooler month, or invest in some arm warmers and baselayers to upgrade your summer jersey. It’s also worth choosing a jersey with a zip for maximum versatility - they’re great for when the weather’s changeable. 
Your choice in fabric is incredibly important, too. You should look out for quick drying fabrics that pull moisture away from the body for maximum comfort.