Self Locking Weightlifting Power Belt

Size: S
Color: Purple
Sale price$30.00


  • Elegant High Quality weight lifting Power Belt made with heavy duty breathable 100% premium nylon material
  • A weightlifting belt is designed to create even, consistent, intra-abdominal pressure to increase your stability during your lift, it’s not a back support that others claim to be.
  • The high quality metal clasp/self locking buckle combined with premium nylon guarantees a secure fit during the toughest exercises.
  • Full Metal Self-Locking Buckle, doesn’t have silly padded inserts and mesh coverings which result in unequal distribution of pressure during your lifts and designed with only one purpose in mind
  • This auto-lock system ensures your weight belt never slips or comes loose.
  • A uniform 4" Profile wide back piece which make you feel comfortable and extra safe.
  • Rounded edges are comfortable to grasp and are skin friendly.
  • Heavy duty saddle stitching increases the life and looks of the weighted belt.
  • Use for performing heavy weight lifting, power lifting, crossfit, bodybuilding and MMA.
  • Embraces the core to reduce stress on the spine during heavy workouts weight lifting.
  • Power Belt tightly around your waist Provides you with stability and support even during your most intense cross fit or power lifting sessions.
  • Saves Your Lower Back from any kind of stress Injury during Exercise
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes
  • Ideal weight lifting belt for men & women.

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