A cycling trisuit, also known as a triathlon suit, is a specialized piece of athletic clothing designed for triathletes, who participate in events that include swimming, cycling, and running. These suits are designed to provide comfort and functionality across all three disciplines. Here are some common features of a Spruce trisuit:

  1. One-Piece Design: A trisuit is typically a one-piece garment, which means it combines a cycling jersey (top) and cycling shorts (bottom) into a single piece. This design reduces friction and discomfort during the transitions between swimming, cycling, and running.

  2. Quick-Drying Fabric: The material used in trisuits is often chosen for its quick-drying properties. This is especially important after the swim portion of the triathlon when athletes need to transition to cycling and running without being weighed down by wet clothing.

  3. Chamois Padding: Trisuits designed for cycling usually feature a chamois pad in the shorts portion. This padding provides cushioning and reduces friction between the athlete and the saddle, enhancing comfort during the cycling leg.

  4. Aerodynamic Design: Spruce trisuits are designed with aerodynamics in mind to help reduce wind resistance and improve cycling performance. This often includes a snug fit and streamlined materials.

  5. Zipper: A full-length or half-length front zipper allows for easy entry and exit of the suit. It also helps with temperature regulation during the race.

  6. Elastic Leg Grippers or Silicon Grippers: Leg grippers are built into the shorts to keep the legs in place during the cycling leg, preventing the shorts from riding up.

  7. Back Pockets: Spruce trisuits have small pockets on the back for storing energy gels, nutrition, or small items needed during the race.

  8. Sun Protection: Trisuits incorporate UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to protect the athlete's skin from the sun's harmful rays.

  9. Flatlock Seams: To minimize chafing and irritation, our trisuits feature flatlock seams, which are designed to lay flat against the skin.

  10. Stretch Fabric: The suit is typically made from stretchy lycra fabric that allows for a full range of motion during all three triathlon disciplines.

  11. Reflective Elements: Spruce trisuits include reflective elements for added visibility during early morning or evening races.

  12. Compression: Spruce trisuits offer compression features to support muscles and potentially reduce fatigue during the race.

It's important to note that trisuits come in various styles, including sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved options, to cater to different preferences and weather conditions. When selecting a trisuit, athletes should consider their individual needs, the race's conditions, and personal comfort preferences.