Cotton Lifting Straps - Pair

Size: One Size - Pair
Color: Black
Sale price$17.00


  • Padded Weight Lifting Hand Wrist Bar Straps made of high quality, heavy duty 100%  cotton material for added strength.
  • Weight Lifting Straps made in accordance with professional standards, which gives them durability for long dead lifting sessions, power lifting and other similar workout regimes.
  • The material also prevents the grip straps for weight lifting from tearing and cracking.
  • Weight lifting straps help you lift more by assisting with your grip & reducing the pressure on your forearms.
  • The padding also provides support to the wrists which helps the users lift weights in a better way.
  • Premium inner wrist neoprene cushion to prevent skin abrasions.
  • Neoprene Padding cushions the wrist during heavy lifting.
  • Industrial-grade stitching of the Gym Straps makes them durable as well as a fashion statement in the fitness world.
  • 1.5” wide 22" extended length allows you to wrap the bar several times.
  • Absorbs Moisture and Washable.
  • One size fit for all, strap ensures that men and women of all statures can comfortably utilize them to enhance their gym regimens.
  • These Straps are open looped style, which allow for a quick simple setup. Simply insert free end of the strap through the loop and then wrap around the bar.
  • These Weight lifting Straps Easily Wrap around any Bar or Dumbbell Helps your Hands, Wrist, Forearms During Deadlifts, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Weight chin-ups, pull-ups, Shrugs, Dumbbell squats
  • One size fits for all
  • Comes as Pair.

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